Saturday, February 23, 2013

How We Began Our New Year

I realize that we're nearing the end of February ( already!), but this is how we began 2013.

12 11 12_7184

Long, lazy days were spent sitting outside, sipping coffee.

12 11 12_7206

12 11 12_7182

12 11 12_7181

Camp food was cooked on an open fire.

12 11 12_7185

12 09 12_7267

Many, many miles of trails were hiked.  During the course of the week we had both extremes of weather:  freezing for the first couple of days then rainy and warm enough for shorts for the remainder of our stay.

12 09 12_7284




Huge, old Live Oaks and Spanish moss were everywhere.

12 11 12_7222

12 11 12_7224

12 11 12_7228

12 11 12_7231


We even saw some gigantic tall pines!


Marsh and creeks led down to the river.


12 11 12_7225


A little fishing was done.



We had steaks and baked potatoes our last night there.  My boys cooked them right on the campfire.  The girls were in charge of asparagus and salad.

12 11 12_7255

12 11 12_7258

Isaac took a few really awesome shots and edited them himself:




And, because Blakeley State Park is full of Civil War history, we learned tons!

12 11 12_7232


12 09 12_7313

But, of course, the beauty that rejuvenated me during this week was in the small details.  As always.



12 11 12_7229

12 11 12_7210

12 09 12_7320

12 09 12_7319

12 09 12_7283

12 09 12_7281

12 09 12_7279

12 09 12_7316

12 09 12_7278

12 09 12_7274

12 09 12_7272

12 09 12_7269

This is the best way we've spent a new year yet.  I cannot even put into words how wonderful the week was.  Everything was simple.  The camper was just big enough to hold what we needed and nothing more.  We each had only the week's worth of clothing and towels, nothing excessive.  The small refrigerator held just what we needed for most of our week there and nothing more.  I had only the basic kitchen equipment and utensils to work with.  It was so refreshing to live so minimally and stripped.   All the quiet surrounding us and the trail-walking and the listening and the being together was perfect.  I really do think I could camp on a more permanent basis.


luksky said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I can't believe there is so much at Blakely that I never knew about when we went...

♥ Amy said...

Lovely photos, and I can completely relate to the joy of paring down and enjoying only the essentials of life. That's the very reason I love camping each year, too.
Have a wonderful day!