Monday, December 30, 2013


 My girls have joined in with our area's 4-H Horse Club this year and they have loved it.  In December there was a 4-H Fun Night that the girls and I attended and that is exactly what we had - FUN!

They had an opportunity to groom the horses and were able to have lots of hands-on experiences.  And, even though they were quite anxious about it, they finally stepped up for their very first ride.  They were instantly hooked!

 They rode the horses right up 'til dark then they helped do a few barn chores, fed the horses their evening snack, then helped blanket them down for the cold night ahead.


The 4-H Fun Night wrapped up with lots of giggling kids eating hot dogs and s'mores out by the fire while we mamas had a little chit chat.  It was a fabulous time!

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