Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Chatty December Morning

I'm feeling a little bit chatty this early Sunday morning.  The kids are asleep, my husband is already at work, the house is quiet, and I've got a hot cup of coffee in my hand.  The weather will be yucky today with lots of rain, but thankfully, that will bring in some much cooler, drier air.  Right now though, due to some wicked cloud-cover there is a strange orange glow coming in the windows with the first light.  I think I prefer good, old-fashioned color of gray.  The orange hue touching everything is really a bit creepy.  I'd go get my camera, but honestly, I just don't feel like it.  I feel like sitting right here for a while or at least until my coffee is empty.  Then I suppose I can start my day.

Today's to-do list looks something like this:

  • cook breakfast
  • get caught up on laundry
  • I need to call the pediatrician for Ethan.  He seems to have some swollen lymph nodes along his neck, from his ear to his collar bone.  *I just called - he has an appointment at 11:00*
  • unclutter every.single.surface so Christmas morning isn't more overwhelming that it already will be
  • I have to decorate our ugly Christmas sweaters for Christmas Eve's Dirty Santa game at my Mom and Dad's house
  • I have wrapping to do.  Oh fun.  (That, to me, is the hardest part of Santa's job.  Especially when you don't ever have a moment's peace in which to do such a big job!)
  • I have to get a handle on this year's anxiety.  It's been a doozy.
  • I have to rewrite my menu plan and make sure I have all the ingredients I need.
  • I really need to cut Percy's hair.  I'll feel so much better just to get him groomed!
  • I need to clean out Joe's cage.  Our little bitty squirrel-friend makes such a huge mess.
  • I need to move Buddy, our Christmas elf, to today's location before the girls wake up.  

 (He's been a silly elf this year.  The girls LOVE searching for the elf when they wake up every morning.  It's just a challenge to keep coming up with new things for Buddy to do everyday.  I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts though, they won't be little enough to look forward to finding Buddy before long and he'll be only a memory.)  {{I'll be back to this post to add the last of Buddy's adventures soon.}}

  • I need to start making some fudge for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but I'm afraid that today is too early.  There are WAY too many hands in this house for that fudge to ever see Christmas Eve.   I'd have to hide it under lock and key.
  • I need to thaw my pie crusts.
  • I need to stop by the store (I'm dreading this, though.  I am so NOT a fan of shopping or crowds, especially this close to Christmas!) to get some sausage for my pigs in a blanket wreath.  I never buy sausage and I totally forgot it, even though the Pinterest idea was firmly in my mind.  
  • I also need some gelatin to make my homemade marshmallows.  So a stop at the store is in my near future.  Like it or not.  Besides, I'm sure I'll have a prescription to fill.  :-/

And, on and on it goes, much like your own to-do lists, I'm sure.  The only thing I'd change about this year if I could, would be my level of anxiety.  It really has been bad.  I find it hard to settle down and sleep, my mind is r.a.c.i.n.g. at all times and I can't seem to get it under control.  Maybe it's the financial stress - especially since we had a $1,000 car repair to make last week, maybe it's just the busyness of the season and the stress of Santa (which is another topic I could go on and on about), I'm sure the personal and family issues of the past six months have contributed greatly to my anxiety level since those issues have been borderline horrible/unbelievable in many respects, OR maybe it's from the Thanksgiving leftovers.  Who knows - but I'm looking forward to the new year, shaking off what's left of 2013.

I'm going to try really hard to remember what this season is about and let go of all the stress that I keep holding on to.  My Savior, my faith, my family, and our health is most important.  I truly am blessed beyond measure.

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