Saturday, September 28, 2013


Days lately have been:

early morning coffee
beginning before sunrise.

 first light
full of changing light.

beginning with warm oatmeal.

 after breakfast
full of washing dishes by hand since the dishwasher is broken.

consumed with laundry.

spent playing with Percy.

 blondies in the making
used for an excuse to make homemade blondies one too many times.

 how to eat blondies
spent eating one too many blondies.  Whole.

 quiet morning
packed with deep house cleaning and our minds entertaining selling this place of ours.

tiny pinecones
looking more like fall.

 a little fall decorating has begun
spent digging out our fall decorations and putting a few out.

full of never ending doggy naps.

setting up the boys' 
spent preparing lessons.

math time
and doing school work.

A new friend
overflowing with excitement about this little guy that we were able to save from the dog.  Just a little longer and our squirrely friend can be released.

squirrel treat
spent making treats for the squirrel and birds.

he loves it
The squirrel approves!

reading lessons
lazy-ish, as we do some lessons right on the bed.

pizza night
lazy-ish the other night as well when we ordered pizza to go.  The best part was being informed that my homemade pizza was "so much better than this stuff!"

i love fall
beginning to show signs of fall artwork.

little bird

and watching the girls put on shows for us in their pet-packed room.