Saturday, October 19, 2013


 01 01 05_9662

There have definitely been changes in the light lately.  Autumn's golden hue has washed over everything with gentle strokes, bringing in the new season.  The last of summer's flowers are sleepily fading into slumber.

 01 01 05_9665

The birds are busy.  Cardinals are being spotted on the garden trellis while hummingbirds argue over a feeder full of nectar.  The many sounds of chirping fill the air, my favorite being the mockingbird's call. 

 01 01 05_9667

This afternoon as I type this post, the air is damp and rainy, but in a completely different way.  It's not hot and muggy, but rather quite cool, allowing me to have only two windows open rather than the air conditioner running steadily.  It feels so refreshing after a long hot summer. 

 01 01 05_9669

Life has been full of changes these past few months as well.  Some changes are good ones, others are awfully hard to readjust to, and other changes are just simply unwanted.  But, that is the way life is, changing, yet still the same.  Somehow different, but not dramatically so.

 01 01 05_9672

There are other changes that I'm dreaming about, praying for.  There are big changes that I desire to make personally and others that will involve my entire family.  I feel that we are being led by God to make some changes in our lives although I'm not quite certain what that will involve.  I do feel a strong conviction, yet I want to be sure I'm not taking things too far.

01 01 05_9676

The changes I desire most are to simplify, to be wholly connected with my family and these moments in which we're living, and to do what God would call me to do.  These desires are so pressing in my heart and mind these days that I don't think I can rest until I feel like they're fulfilled.

01 01 05_9683

I'm looking forward to what changes lie ahead of us, where we will be led. Whether it be far away with a brand new start or right here, making many changes right where we are is still undecided, but I'm ready to take our life in a newer, stronger direction.  Many good things are on the horizon for us, I just know it.