Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Girl!

 My baby is NINE!  That is a crazy thought to me.  It seems like yesterday that I was still packing bags full of sippie cups and diapers.  But, the reality is those days are gone.  These days are, instead, filled with silly, little girl giggles and more grown up questions; with dancing to the radio and formal dance classes; with playing with American Girl dolls and then reading the accompanying storybooks.  These days are filled with things steadily changing, but happiness being the common theme.

I have honestly searched high and low to find my girl a real pig for her birthday, but I've been unsuccessful in finding one so far.  I've explained that she'll have to wait a little longer and she's okay with that.  There was no talking her out of this piggy cake though.  :-D

 Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.  You are LOVED!

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