Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Homestead Dreaming...of Pigs Mostly.

We've been talking more and more about getting back to raising more chickens (I miss my eggs!) and possibly adding in some pigs this time. We're also planning a much bigger garden this year and thoughts of being as self-reliant as I can be are pretty much what I'm obsessing about these days. So, it seems, the idea has rubbed off on my kids. Claire is begging for a pig of her own. Not one that we'll turn into bacon, but for her very own pet.

During the time we were camping in January, we made a visit to a little farm nearby. I wanted her to see the animals, especially the pigs. I wanted her to see that a farm isn't easy work, but lots of hard work and a responsibility. Here are some of the photos I snapped with my phone during this visit on an absolute bitterly cold afternoon.

Claire went on this visit being the most interested to see how things were done, but Emma was the one who dove in for all the hands-on opportunities.  She loves animals of every kind and can never keep her hands off them.

We just watched most of the animals, some were just plain funny.  Others were lazily grazing in the pasture, and baby goats were frolicking around like it wasn't freezing out there!

Then there were the pigs.  Claire's favorite even though we couldn't get our hands on them.  They were adorable to watch.

She's still determined for a pig of her own.  Her birthday is soon and I'm honestly on the lookout for one.  Not a bacon-y one, but a mini-pot-bellied type of one.

A pink one, with spots.

Oh my.

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