Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another New Addition!


We have five new babies to love!  We've never raised ducks before so this will be a brand new adventure! We're in love already.  I don't think there is anything quite as loveable as that baby duckling face.  They are the sweetest things, and such a joy to watch.

They're still quite small, only about 12 days old, so they're being kept in our bathroom under a warming lamp until the weather decides to warm up just a bit more at nighttime.  They also like to take a swim in the bathtub everyday.  They are funny to watch as they play around in the water.  The kids get a big kick out of them.

We have one White Pekin, one Buff Orpington, and two Khaki Campbells, all female, and one Mallard male.  The White Pekin duckling is growing much more rapidly than the other breeds.  She's really beautiful!  The Khaki Campbells are the better egg layers of the flock - up to 320 eggs per year!  I think that's awesome and I can't wait!  I also can't wait until they're big enough to go outside on their own and swim in their pool.  And, so I can have my bathroom back in useable shape.  It has been a chick nursery since early February and now we've moved the chicks out and the ducklings inside.  I'm ready for a good bubble bath myself - minus the ducks! 

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