Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet the New Chicks!

We finally have ourselves a new flock of egg laying hens.  We started with these cute little Buff Orpingtons and Red Cochins.

A week later we added eight more to the flock:  White Crested Blue Polish, Blue Cochins, Barnevelders (should lay dark chocolate eggs!), and Speckled Sussex.  I can't wait for these little babies to get big enough first, to go outside, then into the new chicken tractor (mobile chicken coop) the boys are building for them.  They'll have access to fresh grass at all times, they'll be able to help in the garden, and all this means that my chicken food bill will be cut dramatically since they'll basically be free-range and that is my most favorite part!

Aren't these crested babies adorable.  I can't wait for their full head of hair to grow in.

The baby Cochin is already getting feathers right down to her feet. 

There are many, many good egg-laying days in our near future.  I can't wait to be cooking with my own eggs again.  There really is nothing quite like the satisfaction it brings.

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