Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Welcome, Piggy!

Have you ever seen a happier face? I'm not sure that I have. This is one happy girl!

Meet Abby, our new, two and a half month old micro-mini pig!

She's pink and she has spots!  She's about 20 pounds, 24 inches long, and about 11 inches tall.  She snorts a lot and eats even more.  Everyone loves her.

She's even house trained.  As in, she lives inside, and is litter box trained.  I don't know how that lifestyle will continue for her here, but I promised Claire that I would give her a chance.  I always pictured our pet pig frolicking outside in the yard, maybe rolling around in the garden dirt or something, not living inside with us.  IN our house.  {Insert a big sigh here.  I did make a promise though.}

We did allow her to go outside in the sunshine for the first time ever!  She was such a happy little piggy.  She ran, she ate grass, she pulled collard and kale leaves from the garden, she rolled in the dirt, and she rooted the ground up.  Like a tiller.  I kid you not.  Her snout is as strong as steel.

Percy wasn't as easily convinced that she's so loveable.  It took some time, but he has finally come around.  They're snuggled together in front of the fireplace as I type.

Cooper wasn't and still isn't as accepting.  I'm going to try a little more intensively to get them used to one another.  It's almost a necessity that all the animals get along!

So far, she's done well.  Not potty accidents to mention, she always uses her litter box.  She eats well and is very, very clean.  She has absolutely no odor to speak of and sleeps well at night.  I honestly don't have any big complaints.  It still seems strange to see and hear a pig running around in my house, basically acting like a dog in disguise.  The weirdness of it still freaks me out a little.

The only thing I can complain about is that she likes to wake up to the first sound she hears every morning and that is usually when my husband awakens for work around 4:30.  This is getting annoying for me.  She sleeps in the boys' room under Ethan's bed on an extra mattress that we stow there.  She took that spot almost immediately and it is her go-to spot for rest and sleep.  But, when she gets up, she wants to be fully up and out of the room.  She wants her breakfast immediately, too.  The couple we bought her from fed her every morning by 5:00, so she's used to this schedule.  It's just that I'm NOT.  So, along with trying to get Cooper to cooperate with her better and also trying to get her to continue to sleep even when she hears the first noise of the morning is proving to be a challenge.  We'll have to see how it goes...

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a little video we put together of her first day outside.  We were in the process of tilling the ground for this year's garden, so she was in *hog* heaven. 

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