Monday, March 3, 2014

Wintertime Kitchen

I spend more time in my kitchen during the winter than I do at any other time of the year.  Soups are always being simmered, greens being pulled and cooked with cornbread, brownies being cooked for dessert more often than they should. 

A new (and my very first) pressure canner/cooker!  Happy, happy!  I'll finally be able to can some green beans, among many other things, this year.

Comfort foods...

Brand new foods, doing the best they can in the winter garden...

Even food for the dogs...

I even got a little experimental and made myself some kombucha tea!  I ordered a scoby and got down to business.  During its 10-day fermentation I found myself feeling a little skeptical about this whole thing, but I pressed onward.

There was nothing at all to be skeptical about!  It is delicious, amazing, wonderful!  It's like a soda that I don't feel guilty for drinking.  I've made many other batches so far, collecting every reusable drink bottle that I can get my hands on so that my batches can be bigger and bigger.  My husband is totally on board with it and we each have one bottle per day.  I almost can't imagine not having this on hand in the fridge now. 

Since we have hunters in the family, I took a section of bone and made venison stock in my big pressure cooker.  It's a great thing to have when I make my usual deer stew and enhances all the flavors so much.  Since this original pot of stock, I've made chicken and turkey stocks as well.  I've also begun cooking soups, stews, greens, and beans in the pressure cooker.  That thing is a dream!  I can't believe how fast it cooks dry beans!  I'm very, very happy with this purchase!

We also spent some time and saved ourselves a ton of money by processing a couple of deer right here at home.   Lots of deer burger and stew meat made its way to the freezer.

Bread recipes have been tested and then tested again.  We have finally settled on a great one.  I'll have to pass the recipe along soon.

Of course, no matter how busy anything gets, I always make time for my coffee break.  It's my favorite part of the day. 

Just this week I picked the last of our winter cabbage and what I hope is just the beginning of my brussels sprouts harvest.  So, onward to spring time in the kitchen I go!  I'm hoping to see lots of salads and squash!

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