Thursday, January 30, 2014

Camping, New Year 2014

We started with a couple of days of preparations, making homemade pancake mix and having as much of our food being whole and as pre-prepared as I could manage.  The extra prep paid off with a much easier cooking experience this year. 

We sat many hours by our never-ending campfire.  It was COLD this year.  Like a freezing 15 degrees!  We kept warm inside the camper with the help of down comforters and the heater unit.  During the daytime we explored all the trails and paths and collecting icicles.  

 The light this time of year is beautiful with the way it takes such a slanted approach rising and setting, making simple weeds come to life like nature's version of fireworks.

Some things just catch my eye for no reason.  Then, of course, my camera battery dies.  Isn't that the way it goes?

Just as last year, the week spent away in the woods, replenished and revived.  With little signs everywhere to indicate that wintertime is just a season of rest, full of the promise of new beginnings.