Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meet Hazel

This new baby is officially ours...or, rather, theirs!

The girls have been wanting a cat for so long and we have put it off for so long and well, some things are just inevitable. So, here she is. 

Meet Hazel!  She's one sweet little kitty. So playful and so stinkin' adorable!  

For all the male family members who weren't on board with having a new kitty, one actually took the girls to do the adoption and the other two seem to be smitten. I even have photographic evidence, but I won't put any of that here. Lol!  

Besides, how can you not love a face like that?  More Hazel stories to come, I'm sure. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Vacation : Day 9

Today is our last full day of vacation so we started our day with a trip down to the beach for a little swimming and sea shell collecting.  Not without first stopping for a treat and a few bottles of water.

It felt great to sit in the sun and soak it all in one last time.  The Little Lagoon Pass is the perfect spot for kids to wade around safely without the waves of the Gulf knocking them down every few seconds.

The past nine days have been great, but also tiring.  We're all, honestly, pooped.  We took time to just kick back and relax the afternoon away before beginning to pack everything back into our suitcases.


I just got myself this little book and, my goodness, it's fantastic and I'm only half way through.  I can't wait to get started on some of these ideas for my own home and life. 

For our last vacation dinner we went all-out.  Porterhouse steaks with steamed broccoli, sautéed asparagus, mashed red potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and garlic bread.

Our last sunset:

Isaac's redfish catch to end the day:
We had a great time this year and even though we still worked during the vacation, I think we're overall refreshed and ready to face a busy fall season at the market and at home as well.  School is about to get started again for us and we'll have to shift a few gears to get into the groove once more. 
I'm glad we had this moment in time to share together and all the memories made will hold us until next time.  Goodbye, Little Lagoon.

Vacation : Day 8

Today we closed our market for the day to have at least one full day of family time while on vacation.  It was so nice to wake up in the same bed together at the same time instead of by myself because Darrell had to sneak out quietly at 4:00am. 

There was an early morning shower - the only rain we received during the whole vacation. 

We sat around on the pier most of the time. In the afternoon we rode around a while then ended up at an ice cream shop. 

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. 

Claire chose two flavors of Italian ice. 

Ethan went all-out and got the banana split. 

Isaac chose the most sinful thing on the menu - a Krispy Kream doughnut stuffed with brownie batter ice cream. 

Emma got herself a mint chocolate chip sundae. 

And, I couldn't help but harass Ethan about that big banana split. 

Later in the afternoon I tried my hand at catching some bait fish. 

We opted for an earlier dinner tonight so the boys could go fishing as the sun sets. I had shrimp and mushroom Marsala and it was beyond delicious!

Claire just had to pose with the dolphin outside the restaurant.  

While the boys were fishing, the girls and I went for a ride along he beach. We finally found our way to Dippin' Dots for just a little more ice cream. 

Theo, their new stuffed manatee even liked Dippin' Dots!

We finally made it back to the beach house and this was the very last of the day's light. 

It was a great family day filled mostly with time together doing nothing special. It was perfect and sadly, a rare treat.  I wish there were more of these kinds of days together.  Sacrifice is real and I'm learning to cherish every moment of togetherness I can get.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation : Day 7

Today was a laid back kind of day, doing nothing more than sitting out on the dock and fishing while visiting with my parents and brother who came to visit us here for a while. 

The guys did a little boating and kayaking. 

Ethan caught another nice speckled trout. 

Emma took this photo of her ice cream bar. 

My brother kayaking. 

Claire getting a little help from Pawpaw. 

Here we are, doing nothing again. 

A little more fishing:

Claire cast-netting as the sun set. 

The sunset and calm water tonight was gorgeous. 

This is such a peaceful place. We're just a couple minutes from anywhere we want to be, but it feels a million miles away.

Tonight the weight of vacation seems to be showing itself. Everyone is generally tired and sleepy. Most of all though, were missing our doggies and other animals a lot. The kids and I can't wait to get back to them. 

Vacation : Day 6

Today is zoo day and I'm up a little early to grab a quiet moment before the busyness begins. 

And, the fun starts now!  First visit is with the alpaca and a deer. 

Mr. Billy Goat says hello. 

The baby goats were precious!

And, Mr. Donkey was a heartbreaker. 

We visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and they offer animal encounters where you get the opportunity to touch and interact with select animals. This time they offered encounters with lemurs, reptiles, kangaroos, and sloths and we took advantage of all four. 

Here are our photos of the lemur encounter:

The reptile encounter:

Holding an alligator for the first time:

The Kangaroo encounter:

The sloth encounter:

This zoo visit was just incredible. We had a blast with every single animal. The girls were in heaven the whole day.  

After our long visit, we went out to a local seafood restaurant for lunch. Most of us ordered shrimp po boys and they were fantastic. After filling our bellies, we went back to the house and made coffee, spending the rest of the afternoon being lazy and evidently not taking any other photos. We did enjoy a long evening watching the sunset from the pier and cruising around in the boat. Sometimes it's nice to just absorb the moment rather than trying to capture it.