Monday, August 24, 2015

Vacation: day 2

Morning coffee.

Morning boat ride. 

Arcade time!  Daddy will be glad I took the kids to play around at the arcade while he was working. We can mark that activity off the list. 

Outdoor showers


Giving me "the eye."


Boat riding. 

Tonight's dinner : leftover pork tenderloin in a sauce made from homemade salsa and fresh peaches, smashed red potatoes, and English peas. 

The setting sun was a the same color as her swimsuit. 

Emma's dinner of leftover pizza along with tonight's veggies - right on the deck. 

I'm so thankful for this hard working husband of mine working a 16+ hour day so I could enjoy some time with the kids. 

Going to check the crab traps. 

Claire's favorite vacation dessert - Watergate Salad. 

Twilight kayaking. 

Day 2 was a success!  Lots of fun was had and there are lots of tired bodies this late evening as I sit here in the house posting this from my iPhone. Tomorrow is my day to work while the hubby spends time relaxing with the kids, so bedtime it is. I hope Darrell takes plenty of photos to share with me and I'll be sure to share them here. 

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