Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vacation : Day 3

Day 3 began way before daylight with me tiptoeing around the house to get ready for work. I snuck a moment to have a cup of coffee on the still-dark deck before I had to leave. 

Then my workday began, filled with veggie chopping, pie making, customer-dealing, and sprinkled with more cups of coffee than I should have been drinking. 

So, I left my husband with instructions to take plenty of photos for me. This is what he captured:

The kids boating. 

My boys took the next two:  my hubby shucking corn for our dinner and a visit from one of our very good customer/friends. 

I finally made it home at 7:00pm for dinner. A shrimp boil is what was served. Always delicious!

Dinner on the deck:

The setting sun during dinner. 

Ethan began complaining about not feeling well and it seems that he had not felt well for a couple of days and was just trying to shake it off.  A low-grade fever made him ask for medicine and he went to bed early. 

One more twilight view from the deck before I turn in for the night. 

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