Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vacation : Day 4

This fourth day of vacation started out on a better note. Ethan woke up feeling better than last night and even caught himself a nice redfish to start the day. 

It wasn't long before the girls were ready to go down to the shops. The candy store was first on the list. They LOVED these piggy hats.

And, lollipops with either crickets or ants - it was so hard to choose, so we left them both behind. Ugh!

We got back to the house and enjoyed our first fall-ish day this year. Cool breeze warm sun, and an adirondack chair turned me into the reigning queen of lazy.  It was all I could do to manage to get myself a cup of coffee and then plop back into this chair. 

Another fish!

The girls were performing surgical procedures on the bait fish. They even figured out how to examine themwhile keeping   them alive - they made an oxygen mask from an ice pop wrapper. They'd put the fish's head inside while examining the rest of its body. 

Tonight's dinner : veggie skewers with burgers. 

Emma took this shot of the sunset:

Isaac stood still for me, so I took his photo. 


Ethan was playing along, too. 

Preparing to go fishing.  

There they go. 

Claire being a ham. 

Emma is getting very good with throwing the cast net. 

Me, my view. 

The last of the day's light. 

A photo texted to me from the boys while they were out fishing. Ethan has been lucky today!  Another fish, and it's a big one!

Overall today was a great, relaxing day.   The weather couldn't have been any better. The cooler temps and lower humidity were a rare treat. A rare, re-energizing, life-giving treat!  

Tomorrow I'm back to work, being thankful that I have work to do that enables my family to spend this time  here in one of the most beautiful places I know. 

Besides, Friday is going to be Zoo Day! I can't wait for that!

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