Friday, August 28, 2015

Vacation : Day 5

Today is my day to work so I'm up early with a cup of coffee. 

The first light of day is breaking as I'm leaving. It's another beautiful, cool morning. 

I asked for photos of their day and they sent me these from the arcade. They played a while then had pizza for lunch. 

After I finally got home from work, we decided that we'd just go out and eat. We ended up at Wintzell's Oyster House and chose to sit out on the patio. 

Ethan and me. 

Emma and me. 

Isaac and Emma. 

And, my husband, Darrell. You can really tell that he loves to have his picture taken. 

Claire, being Claire. Silly as ever. 

I ordered shrimp and grits. It was pretty good. My visit to McElroys restaurant in Ocean Springs a couple of weeks ago would win the contest for the best shrimp and grits though. The were fabulous!

It's late and we're finally back home. Everyone showering and winding down for the night. Isaac was actually complaining about not feeling all that well tonight after we got back home. Maybe a good, long night's sleep will make him feel better, too. 

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