Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation : Day 6

Today is zoo day and I'm up a little early to grab a quiet moment before the busyness begins. 

And, the fun starts now!  First visit is with the alpaca and a deer. 

Mr. Billy Goat says hello. 

The baby goats were precious!

And, Mr. Donkey was a heartbreaker. 

We visited the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and they offer animal encounters where you get the opportunity to touch and interact with select animals. This time they offered encounters with lemurs, reptiles, kangaroos, and sloths and we took advantage of all four. 

Here are our photos of the lemur encounter:

The reptile encounter:

Holding an alligator for the first time:

The Kangaroo encounter:

The sloth encounter:

This zoo visit was just incredible. We had a blast with every single animal. The girls were in heaven the whole day.  

After our long visit, we went out to a local seafood restaurant for lunch. Most of us ordered shrimp po boys and they were fantastic. After filling our bellies, we went back to the house and made coffee, spending the rest of the afternoon being lazy and evidently not taking any other photos. We did enjoy a long evening watching the sunset from the pier and cruising around in the boat. Sometimes it's nice to just absorb the moment rather than trying to capture it. 

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