Friday, September 4, 2015

Vacation : Day 8

Today we closed our market for the day to have at least one full day of family time while on vacation.  It was so nice to wake up in the same bed together at the same time instead of by myself because Darrell had to sneak out quietly at 4:00am. 

There was an early morning shower - the only rain we received during the whole vacation. 

We sat around on the pier most of the time. In the afternoon we rode around a while then ended up at an ice cream shop. 

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. 

Claire chose two flavors of Italian ice. 

Ethan went all-out and got the banana split. 

Isaac chose the most sinful thing on the menu - a Krispy Kream doughnut stuffed with brownie batter ice cream. 

Emma got herself a mint chocolate chip sundae. 

And, I couldn't help but harass Ethan about that big banana split. 

Later in the afternoon I tried my hand at catching some bait fish. 

We opted for an earlier dinner tonight so the boys could go fishing as the sun sets. I had shrimp and mushroom Marsala and it was beyond delicious!

Claire just had to pose with the dolphin outside the restaurant.  

While the boys were fishing, the girls and I went for a ride along he beach. We finally found our way to Dippin' Dots for just a little more ice cream. 

Theo, their new stuffed manatee even liked Dippin' Dots!

We finally made it back to the beach house and this was the very last of the day's light. 

It was a great family day filled mostly with time together doing nothing special. It was perfect and sadly, a rare treat.  I wish there were more of these kinds of days together.  Sacrifice is real and I'm learning to cherish every moment of togetherness I can get.

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