Friday, September 4, 2015

Vacation : Day 9

Today is our last full day of vacation so we started our day with a trip down to the beach for a little swimming and sea shell collecting.  Not without first stopping for a treat and a few bottles of water.

It felt great to sit in the sun and soak it all in one last time.  The Little Lagoon Pass is the perfect spot for kids to wade around safely without the waves of the Gulf knocking them down every few seconds.

The past nine days have been great, but also tiring.  We're all, honestly, pooped.  We took time to just kick back and relax the afternoon away before beginning to pack everything back into our suitcases.


I just got myself this little book and, my goodness, it's fantastic and I'm only half way through.  I can't wait to get started on some of these ideas for my own home and life. 

For our last vacation dinner we went all-out.  Porterhouse steaks with steamed broccoli, sautéed asparagus, mashed red potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and garlic bread.

Our last sunset:

Isaac's redfish catch to end the day:
We had a great time this year and even though we still worked during the vacation, I think we're overall refreshed and ready to face a busy fall season at the market and at home as well.  School is about to get started again for us and we'll have to shift a few gears to get into the groove once more. 
I'm glad we had this moment in time to share together and all the memories made will hold us until next time.  Goodbye, Little Lagoon.

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